Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hey everyone!! Beau and Tad recently entered a karaoke contest throught the radio station mix 969. The contest lasts through August 19. To vote go on and scroll down and you will see kiddieokee. Click on it, enter your email and vote. They are in the 7-9 age group.The winner gets to perform live. We need everyones help. If you scroll down to the bottom of our blog to the video bar, you can view their videos. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eventhough we stayed at home this summer,
we were very busy! We had a very special experience of having a chinese foreign exchange student live with us for three weeks. His english name is James and he was one of the sweetest people our family has ever met. He just fit right in with our family and we grew to love him! His favorite things to do were playing basketball and hanging out with Beau. We were sooo sad to see him leave! Now we find ourselves cheering for the US and China while watching the olympics! I was hoping that we would have a nice experience, but it turned out even better than we even hoped for! If you ever have this opportunity to take in a person from another country and culture, the Morgan's hightly recommend it!