Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Miranda and David

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Max Hangin' with "Aunt Wenny"

Max was hanging out with me one morning in the R.V. I don't get to spend time alone with him very often because there are always so many children around him. Lisa and I always say that he is the youngest of 10 children, because my family adores him too! He colored and played silly putty. Whenever he comes in my motorhome, he always asks me, " Aunt Wenny is this your motorhome?" It was fun hanging out with my little Maxwell Connor! I love you Maxers!

Fun Weekend

I know that this is not in chronological order, but I am trying to catch up! Over Labor Day weekend we went to Prescott, for, yes, another softball tournament! I know that you are all just shocked! We went in the R.V. and the Hebb's came along with us and made it just that much more fun! We always love traveling with the Hebb's, but we don't get to do it often enough! We had a great time playing cards, watching movies and just " hanging out." It seems in this busy life of ours, there's not enough "hanging out " going on!

We were able to go to an art festival, and eat funnel cake and yummy homemade tamales! After we were done eating the kids just played tag on the grass! They almost plowed over a couple of babies, but everyone had a fun day!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Over the weekend Steve played in the NAFA Masters 40 and over fastpitch tournament in Carson City, NV. We have gone for the last 3 yrs and we usually stay in Tahoe and it sooo beautiful there! He plays on a team from Utah, and they have won this tournament for the past three years! We are proud of our Daddy and he does pretty well for an "old" guy! It was kind of funny last night and today, because he is really sore! He said that he officially declares 42 as the age when his body started falling apart! Good job Dad!

Well, Amber informed me at stamp club that everyone is sick of kideeokee and that I need to put something else on my are sooo right Amber!
This is kind of old news, but in July we added two new members to our family, Maggie and Bella. Maggie is the calico guinea pig and Bella is the other one. We had a guinea pig named cuddles that lived for 7 years! We lost her a couple of years ago and finally decided to get another one and came home with two! ( I shouldn't have taken the kids with me.)
We love our new little pets and they are growing fast! Maggie is jumpy and nervous, but Bella is really sweet and calm. The kids hold them all of the time and I'm glad that we got them. They are "pigs", I guess that's where they get the name! Every night they squeak and squeak until they get fed.....I didn't realize how much we missed that sound in our home! We love and miss you cuddles!